Adult Education

Adult Education

The Elko County School District Adult High School offers the Adult High School Diploma and Certificate of High School Equivalency (HSE) Preparation Programs under Nevada State Statutes. 

The programs are free, individualized, and competency-based. Students may enroll at any time during the school district's academic year.  

Any person age 18 or older who have not graduated from high school and is not enrolled in a high school may begin a Certificate of High School Equivalency preparation. Pre-testing and tutoring are free. The HSE  test is given by Great Basin College weekly. Registration and payment of $75.00 need to submit at William Berg Hall located on Great Basin College Campus.  To take the HSE test you must go to Academic Success Center in Carl Diekhans Center for Industrial Technology, present a photo identification, and pre-register.

Adult Education Application

HSE Permission

NAC Statutes


An Adult High School diploma requires twenty and one-half credits
 (20 1/2) in the following subjects:

4.0 English
3.0 Math
2.0 Science
1.0 US Government
1.0 U S History
1.0 Arts & Humanities
.5 Health
.5 Computer Lit.
7.5 Electives

 Class of 2017 and 2018  Exempt
Classes before 2017 - Must Pass HSPE (Math, Science, English, and Writing)
Classes after 2018 - Must Pass the EOC 


 Elko Spring Creek West Wendover
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Echo Skinner
Brittany Stefanic Dean Stevens

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